World History and Geography Book Report Form

World History 1 Book Report Form
Name ______________________
Book Title __________________________ Author __________________________
Where and in what time period does the story take place? ______________
Number of Pages ____ [Divided by 6 = ____*] (180 page minimum)
Consider a book that takes place in Africa, Asia or South America.
The time frame from early world civilizations through 1450 would fit well
with our World History/Geography I course as well.
Good examples of suitable books are: Thousand Splendid Suns (Hosseini), Three Cups
of Tea or Stones into Schools (Mortensen) Sold (McCormack), Into Thin Air or Where Men
Win Glory (Krakauer) Kite Runner, Rooftops of Tehran, Cellist of Sarajevo. 5 points of
extra credit will be given for purchasing your own copy an approved book. Excluded
books: Balzac…, Things… Night or any focusing on Hitler, Nazis or the Holocaust.
Over the course of the semester, you’re expected to bring your selected
book to class and quietly read it on the dates listed below. In class, and
on your own time, you’ll also need to complete some reporting tasks.
1. Write 5 word summaries, then focus on the historical background/
leaders, culture, and physical geography pertaining to your book. These
should serve as ‘building blocks’ for your 2-3 page paper described
below. Take the total number of pages in your book and divide that by
six. Neatly write six ½ page summaries/outlines in your own
handwriting, and include the pages read. These should more or less
correspond with the number of pages divided into above.* The dates on
which these summaries are due and will be graded are: Sept. 18, Oct. 2 &
23, Nov. 6 & 20, Dec 4. If you are not in class with your book, you will
not receive full points for these summaries, unless/until you bring a
signed note from your parents indicating the pages and time you read,
and what you shared with them about that portion of your book.
2. Write a 2-3 page typed paper that addresses the following items:
A. Who are the major figures in the book? What is their historical
B. Where do the events in the book take place? Describe the
physical geography/culture of the region that the author
provides you.
C. What do you think is the main idea the author/historian is
trying to convey. Give specific supporting examples.
D. What about the book did you find the most interesting?
Describe how reading this book changed your way of thinking in any way?
What did you learn?
E. What recommendation would you give the book and to whom?
What are the strong and weak points? Be specific.
3. Your third task is to create a map(s) of the important locations in the
book. Your map(s) should include all TODALS information. Maps,
or an appropriate adaptation, should be colorful and detailed.
T = Title
O = Orientation (a compass)
D = Date
A = Author
L = Legend
S = Scale
4. Finally, you’ll give a brief presentation of your map; summarize or
highlight key parts of your paper. Be prepared on Dec. 15, 2015
5. Point Totals:
/5 (x 6 = 30) Bring book to class and engage in focused reading.
/10 (x 6 = 60) Complete ½ page summary (sharing meaningful
insight with class can earn extra points). All make-ups due by 01-05-16
/60 Neatly typed and organized paper; thorough coverage, on time
/30 Good TODALS effort on hand-drawn Map &/or Illustrations
/10 Present key features of your map and paper Early Bird
(12-14-15) +2
/10 Map, paper and presentation all ‘On Time’ = Dec. 15, 2015.
[Points will be deducted daily, thereafter]
/110 Book Report Project Pres.
(200 = Total points possible)