Independent Reading NON-FICTION

Independent Reading
Non-Fiction Book
6th Grade Mrs. Wybensinger/Mrs. Levi
3 Summaries with one vocabulary word for each. Summaries should talk about the main
idea in each third of the book. Each summary should be about a half page long and in
MLA format. Each summary is to include one vocabulary word from that section of the
book. Each vocabulary needs to include the word, the definition, the original sentence
from the book, and a newly created sentence using the word. Make sure the vocabulary
word is underlined.
*First Summary with 1 vocabulary word is due 12/18
*Second Summary with 1 vocabulary word is due 1/8
*Third Summary with 1 vocabulary word is due 1/15
*Revised copies of all 3 summaries with vocab. need to be turned in with the final
project on 1/22
2) QUESTIONS (Due with Final Project: 1/22)
Answer all questions found below. All questions must be in complete sentences and
typed. Correct grammar is a must. Use as much detail as necessary. Don’t forget MLA
1. What is the most interesting part of your book? Describe this event in detail. Why
did you choose this book to read?
2. Non-fiction books involve researching events or things that have happened. What
research materials did the author use to gather information? Explain. Did the author
provide any other research items or materials to help you further understand the topic
he/she wrote about?
3. What was the tone of the novel that you read? Was it serious, humorous or
informative? Was the tone of the book helpful in conveying the material? Explain
using information from you book.
4. Has this event impacted events or ideas in our nation, world, or you on a personal
level? Give examples from the book to support your thoughts. Did the information in
the non-fiction text help you to discover something new? Were you amazed,
saddened or more curious about the topic you read? These are all thoughts you may
have while answering this question.
3) BOOK TALK (Oral Presentation- Due with Final Project: 1/22)
Give a brief synopsis of the book you have read. Explain why you would or
would not recommend this book to other readers. Present vocabulary words at this time.
Presentation should be no longer than 5 minutes and will include the following project.
4) PRESENTATION (Due with Final Project 1/22)
Pick an important event or idea from your book that has some significance to you. You
will be teaching this event or idea to the rest of the class. Your presentation will need to
be 8 minutes long. You may use posters, the white board, PowerPoint presentation,
Prezi, Animoto, props, or any other materials you may need to “teach” the class.
Please remember this is not a speech. You are NOT to read from a paper that you have
prepared. As always, you should have an introduction, body and conclusion to your
presentation. It may be helpful to create an outline or have note cards to follow.
5) ASSESMENT (Due with Final Project 1/22)
You will also need to have some sort of assessment tool to make sure your “class” has
some sort of grasp on the lesson. This may be a mini quiz, worksheet, or something
You will be graded on your presentation, as well as your visual aide, assessment and
general preparedness. I will also need a copy of all PowerPoint’s, etc.
Please ask questions if you do not understand. DO NOT wait until the last minute to ask
for help.
Topic I am teaching to class: ________________________________
Visual Aide I will be using:_________________________________
Class assessment tool: _____________________________________