F. Scott Fitzgerald`s

Date: Tuesday 3/24/09
Period: 1st and 5th
Grade Level: 11th advanced
(Why this lesson in this way with this group of students today? How does it fit into the bigger context
of the unit?)
Understanding how the way authors writing style affects their literature’s/poetry’s
meaning helps students understand the variety of ways some of the core elements and
beliefs of the time period can be reflected in various works. This parallels to their
Modernism project.
Instructional Objectives:
(Connect to SOL’s where appropriate.)
11.3 The student will read and analyze relationships among American literature, history,
and culture
b) Compare and contrast the development of American literature in its historical
c) Discuss American literature as it reflects traditional and contemporary themes,
motifs, universal characters, and genres
d) Describe how use of context and language structures convey author’s intent
and viewpoint in contemporary and historical essays, speeches, and critical reviews
11.5 The student will read and critique a variety of poetry
a) Analyze poetic elements of contemporary and traditional poems
b) Identify the poetic elements and techniques that are most appealing and that
make poetry enjoyable
c) Compare and contrast the works of contemporary and past American poets.
Students will be able to appropriately use capitalization in their formal writing
Opener/Anticipatory Set/Warm-up:
(Include details about what prior knowledge students need in order to enter into this lesson
and how you’ll engage it.)
Lit see 2/26/09
(Include variety here – use the lesson planning checklist as a reference.)
-Finish Hemingway
-Introduce Fitzgerald
-Read “Winter Dreams”
Literature: Modernism final project
Grammar: workbook practices
(What do you need to gather and have ready for students to support and drive this lesson?)
-Fitzgerald life map
-Literature books
(What can you do within this lesson to make sure that you are moving ALL kids further in
their skills and understandings? Note: It is not enough to mention that you’re working
with a collaborating teacher or reading specialist here. This might not happen in each
Providing a timeline of Fitzgerald’s life will help students see the important events in his life and
how they affected him. Since they will need to make one for Dexter in “Winter Dreams” they will
have a visual to show them how much Fitzgerald’s life influenced his writing.
Reading the literature in class allows students who have problems understanding the story a
chance to ask questions when they need help. It also reduces anxiety by giving the students time
to read in class since they have the Modernism final project and Scarlet Letter to do outside of
New Literacies/21st Century Skills/Technology Integration:
(Again, this might not happen in every lesson, but you’ll want to articulate it when it does –
and offer ideas about why it isn’t the right fit specific cases, etc.)
(How do you know what ALL students know? Formative and summative.)
-Dexter map/Fitzgerald timeline
-Modernism poet quiz