Section 1.5 Essay



Teaching Professions

Section 1.5 Essay

Your job while you are in your internship experience is to find two pieces of evidence that fit the fifth criterion from Section 1—Preparation for a Career in


You may ask your mentor teacher to assist you; you may look for these items on your own, or you might try to find these items here at the high school.

You will need to have the physical evidence of these items, in photograph form, a copy, or the actual evidence.

Find two different pieces of evidence, one for each bullet in 1.5:

Section 1.5: Demonstrating Effective Communication

Bullet 1: Demonstrates effective communication skills through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Bullet 2: Demonstrates the ability to lead and work on a team employing critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation skills.

Your evidence can be any of the following items, or any other item you feel fits the bullets:

Writing or reading log

Group project

Lesson reflection

Collaborative planning with another

Writing samples

Letters to parents or teachers

Planned listening activity

Written instructions student

Describe below the pieces of evidence that you found. Make sure to provide the rationale behind selecting the artifacts. To this sheet, attach your actual evidence.