Hello Program Chair.

Hello Program Chair.
We went over this at the PC meeting Thursday, but here it is in somewhat more digestible form.
The Program Improvement and Efficiency committee (formerly RETF) is going to run the numbers again
on the five criteria that we’ve agreed upon and completed every academic year since their inception.
We (well, PRO) are doing it again in the next few weeks and need a bit of help with Criteria #5,
Community Support, along the lines of what we asked for last spring. Some of us feel that community
support can be better measured with qualitative data, but the Senate’s position is to keep it
quantitative, still worth 15 points on the matrix (7.5% of the total).
Here is what we want from you – and we are hoping that this will take you no longer than 10-15 minutes
maximum. If you wish to claim any part of the Community Support points, please write an email to
Michael M. (mimangin@cabrillo.edu) sometime before 5pm on April 14. Here is the description:
Criterion 5: Community Support (7.5 %  15 points) 5 points per bullet if activity is significant as
determined by a faculty senate work group; -0 points if not.
Multiple measures: Generated by each department and reported to PRO. Departments are encouraged
to refer to their “External Relationships” as described in their program plans. Measures may include:
Number and amount of program donations and scholarships awarded
Revenue generated or operating a business
Performance(s)/show(s)/event(s)attended by community members
This year we do NOT expect you to contact the Foundation and we do NOT need an exact number for
ANY of these bullet points. Ballpark figures or a range of amounts should be fine, but even these are
not necessarily required to receive points. Talk to your division DAS if you need help on numbers.
More than anything, we just want a clear, common-sense description of the ways that your program
either serves the community or involves the community directly in each of the three areas described in
the bullet points.
See the attached draft document for all of the Criteria.
Thanks and see you all after the break.
Michael Mangin and Kathie Welch