Leadership/Service Project Powerful Peace

Leadership/Service Project
Powerful Peace Unit
Many of the principles in Powerful Peace revolve around service and
how it implements positive change. Think about how YOU as one person can
implement change that will have far reaching positive effects for people in
your community, your state, or your nation. You will devise a personal
leadership/service project. You are not required to carry out this project;
however, you will receive bonus points if you do and additional bonus points
if you can get others to do the project with you. Also, if you have plans to
apply for the Kentucky Governor’s Scholar program this year, you will be
able to use this plan as part of your application process.
In 250-300 words (bullet point format), please describe a leadership
project you would like to implement at the local, state, or national level. Be
as specific and concise as possible, keeping in mind that your project may
evolve over time as you develop it. Responses will be evaluated not in
terms of scope, but rather in terms of logical thought and organization; the
effectiveness of the intermediary steps; and the relation of the ultimate
outcomes to the initial goal (copied verbatim from the GSP application).
Scoring Guide
_____/20 Student has devised a logical project that addresses a true need
for a real organization or purpose (it must be a project that someone could
actually do)
_____/30 Student has listed the logical steps that one would follow to
implement the project from planning stages to implementation stages
(including contact(s) information)
_____/30 Student has listed the specific outcomes of the project goal (how
the project will benefit, improve, create, provide etc.)
_____/20 Student has used correct grammar, spelling, sentence structure,
and bullet format
_____/100 points