A Separate Peace – Character Analysis

A Separate Peace – Character Analysis
Be creative!
This is where you can use different printer fonts and point sizes!
One page, 8 ½ x 11 or larger
All words are TYPED. Find that Elmer’s Glue or glue stick at home and get crafty!
Separate your work into four quadrants. Use each quadrant to show each of the following:
Introduction of character. 10 points.
Character name.
Character description – age, job, relationships, facts, school activities.
Picture of what you believe this person looks like – drawn or cut from a magazine.
Analysis of character. 10 points.
Include traits, quirks, habits. Find and use at least 4 quotations, and at least 5 words from the text
describing this person. There should be one paragraph of your writing that analyzes the
character. Use details from the text and be specific! Quotes and words/phrases can be separate
from your paragraph – artfully applied to your creation.
Symbolism. 10 points.
Include a VISUAL associated with the character. In a paragraph, briefly explain the symbolism
associated with this character.
Character/Theme. 10 points.
First, state a theme. Then, in 3 sentences, explain how the character helps support or illustrate
that theme in the novel. Use a VISUAL to portray this theme, too, if you can.
Cite all pages used (for quotations/vocabulary words) on back of creation.
All work is DUE and presented in class on
Thursday, May 28.
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