Island Christian School Fiction Book Report Form

Island Christian School
Fiction Book Report Form
Student Name:
1. Name of Book:
2. Author’s Name:
3. Describe the setting of the story. Where and in what time does the
story take place?
4. Describe the theme of this story; that is, the general truth
communicated. What message is the author sending to his/her
audience through the telling of this story?
5. Explain two scenes from this story that support the theme you’ve
6. Authors create characters to express differing qualities and
values. This allows them to develop the plot and conflicts most
important to their story. Select two leading and very differing
characters from this book. Write a paragraph about each
describing their qualities and values. ( character traits)
Character Name:
Character Name:
7. In every story, characters must face a difficult decision. Often this
decision affects the rest of the story and often occurs after great
struggle. Describe a difficult decision each of the main characters
you selected had to make. Show why the decision was important
and why the character made the decision he/she did. Answer in
paragraph form.
Character Name:
Character Name:
8. Conflict in a story can be defined as the meeting of two opposing
forces, mentalities or worldviews and the problems or events that
occur from this meeting. Pinpoint the predominant conflict of this
story and illustrate your choice through two vivid examples from
the story.
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