Study Guide for Test 1

Study Guide for Test 2 - Chapters 2 and 3
ESL022 Writing II
There are three parts to the test:
1. Write a paragraph of 7-8 sentences to describe a person OR a room. Review
the examples on pages 43, 47, 49, 52, 56, 57, 58, 69, 70, and 75 in the textbook,
and review what you wrote for Graded Composition #2 and #3.
When you write this paragraph, you need to include:
a title that follows the rules on pages 25-26
a topic sentence that states the paragraph’s main idea
body/supporting sentences that directly connect to the topic/main idea
a concluding sentence that summarizes/reflects the main idea
correct subject-verb agreement
correct use of subject pronouns (I, she, he, we, they) and possessive
adjectives (my, her, his, our, their) - review pages 52, 53, 56, & 57
correct adjective order – review pages 39-41
2. Edit (write the corrections in) sentences or a paragraph for:
capital letters (review pages 3 and 7-9),
end punctuation (page 4),
correct subject-verb agreement (pages 19 and 21),
inclusion of a subject and verb (pages 15-17).
correct adjective forms & placement (pages 39-41)
simple present tense verb forms (pages 67-70 and 72)
there is/are (pages 74-75 and 77)
negatives and the present tense (pages 78-9)
object pronouns (79-80)
sentence types - simple & compound (82-3)
3. Combine or rewrite sentences with adjectives, negative verb forms, and
coordinating conjunctions. This part will be similar to what you did in your books for
Activity 1 on pages 39-40, Activity 10 on page 79, and Activity 15 on pages 83-4.