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Content: Phoenicia
Phoenicia was located on the eastern shore of
the Mediterranean Sea. The Phoenicians had
settled in a land that had few, but important
resources. They looked to the sea to increase
their wealth and became the world’s first
trading empire. They created a 22 symbol
alphabet in order to simplify writing because
of their success in trade.
 Sea trade
 Development of alphabet
 Purple dye
(use Ancient World text, pps. 45-47)
Key Questions:
Why was the sea so important to the
Ancient Civilizations Grade 7 Learning Standards:
7.17 Locate Greece, Asia Minor, Crete, Phoenicia, the Aegean, and the Red Sea on an ancient
map. Locate Greece, Crete, Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria on a modern map. (G)
7.18 Identify the Phoenicians as the successors to the Minoans in dominating maritime trade in
the Mediterranean from c. 1000-300 BCE. Describe how the Phoenician writing system was the
first alphabet (with 22 symbols for consonants) and the precursor of the first complete alphabet
created by the Greeks (with symbols representing both consonants and vowels). (H,E)
Pacing Guide: - 10/27-10/30 (4 days)
Skills and Outcomes: When students have
finished studying this topic, they will know and
be able to:
How did the Phoenicians revolutionize
How did the Phoenicians help spread
civilization throughout the Mediterranean
Why was Phoenician purple dye such a
valuable resource?
Explain the Phoenicians’ contributions to
ancient societies
Analyze how sea trade and the
development of the alphabet contributed
to the growth of the Phoenician empire.
Locate the Phoenician empire on a
historical map
Formative/Summative Assessments: Students
will complete the following products/other
assessments to demonstrate the skills and
understandings they have acquired.
Pretend that you are a Phoenician sailor,
writing a letter home to a family member
or friend. Answer the following questions
in your letter: What kinds of things would
you describe to a friend? (the ship’s cargo,
conditions on board, geography of the
region) Explain how sailors discouraged
competitors from trading (stories of sea
monsters and sea sickness).