Unit 3: Early River Valley Civilizations Part 2 

Unit 3: Early River Valley Civilizations Part 2
 Chapter 3: People and Ideas on the Move
 Section 3: Seafaring Traders Extend Boundaries
Setting the Stage
1. Why were traders important to the
Mediterranean region?
Phoenicians Spread Trade and Civilization
1. When did Phoenicians begin to
become the most powerful traders?
Phoenicia’s Great Legacy
5. What is the most important
advancement of the Phoenicians?
a. What did they have instead
of a unified country? Give
a. What did they write it on?
6. Why is this innovation important?
2. What were the Phoenicians good
Commercial Outposts Around the Med.
3. List a few things that Phoenician citystates produced:
4. The Phoenicians were responsible for
trading various goods throughout
the region. List some of the items:
7. What led to the decline of the