Greek Gods and Goddesses Research Project

Greek Gods and Goddesses Research Project
Objective: to become the classroom experts on a particular Greek God or Goddess and
become children’s storybook authors in the process.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) You are to research a Greek God/Goddess.
You will get to choose your god or goddess, but first come first serve. No duplicates.
2) You need to research your topic using the internet and come up with between TEN
and FIFTEEN facts about that god/goddess.
3) You will then put together a children’s book explaining your god/goddess, using the
TEN to FIFTEEN facts you found. Can you have more facts in the book than
required? YES!
4) Your book must include:
a. at least FIVE FULL-COLORED illustrations (hand-drawn, down-loaded, or
copied and colored-in)
b. a dazzling COVER and creative TITLE
c. your name on the cover
5) This project is DUE
May 25th
and is worth 100 points.
6) Suggested FACTS to find and include:
• origin of god/goddess
• god/goddess of what?
• why did the Greeks believe in him/her?
• what myth is associated with the god/goddess?
• relatives…married to…children of…
• background information, natural phenomenon associated with
• anything interesting, out of the ordinary
(May 17th) Choose god/goddess and begin search
(May 18th) Work in lab - research facts and
Wednesday (May 19th) Work in room - illustrations
(May 20th) Work in lab – research, illustrations
(May 21st) Work in lab - Begin assembly
(May 24th) Work in lab - Continue assembly
(May 25th) Projects due at the end of class
Your children’s book should be geared toward a sixth grade level student or
younger. It should be neat, colorful and appealing to the eye. The facts should
be very straight-forward, informative and interesting. Think about what kinds of
things children would like to find out about Greek Mythology. I would recommend
typing your facts using a bit larger-than-normal font and cutting out each fact and
gluing it on your page or typing one fact “per page” as you go on the computer
and print each page separately. Please be sure to spell-check and proofread
your facts before making your final copy. Be creative and really impress me as
children’s book authors! You may also use technology to draw or print pictures;
just be sure they are appropriate and colorful. Also, please number your pages
somehow either at the bottom or in one of the corners.
To assemble your book you may choose to:
• staple all along the left-hand side
• use the 3-hole punch and use colorful string or ribbon to tie pages
• put all pages into plastic report cover
• other, if approved
Don’t forget your creative COVER with a catchy title and “author’s” name. You
may also want to add the illustrator’s name, publishing company, copyright date,
etc. to make it more “authentic.”
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