Fractured Fairy Tales

Fractured Fairy Tales
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Assignment Requirement
1. Be at least 1.5 pages – typed, 12 font, Times New Roman or Ariel
2. Use all four types of Satire – See next Page (fill out next page for
planning purposes)
3. Uses dialog (properly punctuated) to advance the action
4. Has a theme/moral
5. Uses all the “Common Elements of Fairy Tales” (#5 and 8 below is optional)
6. OPTIONAL – Illustrate it.
Common Elements of Fairy Tales
Begins with "Once upon a time...”
Happen in the long ago.
Have fantasy and make believe in them.
Clearly defined Good characters vs. Evil characters.
Royalty is usually present in a fairy tale, a beautiful princess/handsome
There may be magic with giants, elves, talking animals, witches or fairies.
Have a problem that needs to be solved.
It often takes three tries to solve the problem.
Have happy endings – “they all lived happily ever after.”
Teaches a lesson or have a theme.
The four techniques of satire are….
1. Exaggeration - To enlarge, increase, or represent something
beyond normal bounds so that it becomes ridiculous and its
faults can be seen.
Examples from Shrek:
2. Incongruity - To present things that are out of place or are
absurd in relation to its surroundings.
Examples from Shrek:
3. Reversal - To present the opposite of the normal order (e.g.,
the order of events, hierarchical order).
Examples from Shrek:
4. Parody - To imitate the techniques and/or style of some
person, place, or thing.
Examples from Shrek:
Prince Cinders
Princess Smartypants.
Snow White in New York.
Once upon a Golden Apple.
The Paper Bag Princess.
The True story of the 3 little pigs.
The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Beauty and the Beastly Children
The Queen who couldn't bake gingerbread
The Tough Princess.
Sleeping Ugly.
Don't Bet on the Prince.
Snow White, Blood Red.
Jack the Giant Killer.