Archetype Sample - Montgomery County Schools

Character Archetypes
A. Thomas
1st Block
The protagonist/main character who goes on some type of
journey that reveals a lesson learned or shows the story’s
Shrek is the main character who goes on a journey to save his swamp, but
ultimately falls in love and helps convey the message of inner/outward
beauty; being yourself and true love.
The main antagonist who opposes the hero. The
goal of the villain is to defeat the antagonist.
Farquaad is the prince who wants to marry Fiona, and therefore
is against Shrek. He also kicks all fairy tale characters out of
the kingdom and bans them to the swamp, Shrek’s home.
The Wise Mentor
This person is wise and guides the hero. They may not have a big
role, but they are used to give sound advice to the hero on
his/her journey.
In Cinderella, the fairy godmother is Cinderella’s wise leader. She
helps Cinderella complete her journey to the ball.
The Jester/Fool
This character is used to bring comedy and humor to serious
situations. They are often not serious, but rather whimsical.
However, sometimes the honesty and humor used by the
jester/fool is true and good advice to the hero.
The donkey is often by Shrek’s side to make jokes and keep
serious situations funny.
A person who breaks the law, for their own personal profit, but is
nice enough and charming enough to allow the audience to
root for them, especially if they don't kill or otherwise
seriously harm anyone.
The Gingerbread Man may not break the law for personal profit,
but definitely does things on his own. He may get a little scary,
but he never truly hurts anyone.
My Character Connection
Write a paragraph that explains which
archetype best describes you. Use examples
from research and your life to explain.