Act 4 Scene 3 Journal - Raleigh Charter High School

The Taming of the Shrew Act 4 Scene 3
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Find examples of the following in the play:
Common uses of language
in Shakespeare’s plays
Example (summarize or paraphrase)
1. Action suggested through
2. Banter that uses plays on
word, puns, or double
3. Banter that has a bawdy
(sexual) tone
4. Characters that
misunderstand each other
5. Invective (vivid
expressions of anger)
6. Description of scenes that
take place off stage
7. Prose being used for
servants or other lowborn characters
8. Poetry being used for
high-born characters
9. Ending scenes with a
rhyming couplet
Journal #10: The Taming of the Shrew Act 4 Scene 3
Imagine it is the evening after Act 4 Scene 3 and Katherine sits down to vent her frustration in
her journal. What would she write about her situation and her relationship with Petruchio? To
get started, re-read Katherine’s monologues at 4.3.2-16 and 4.3.78-85. Based on her thoughts in
those monologues, as well as what you know of her from the whole play so far, write the journal
entry from Katherine’s point of view.