NikkiRosa Poem.doc - crossroads

Name: __________________________
English 9
Date: __1-13-11__
A Catalogue of Experiences: Nikki-Rosa
Read “Nikki-Rosa” on SpringBoard pp.209-210, or listen to her read the poem here:
Answer the following questions.
1. If this poem is about Nikki Giovanni, describe her childhood. (You should include at
least 3 details from the poem.)
4. What are some images that stick out to you? (What can you see happening?)
Name at least 2.
6. “…and they’ll probably talk about my hard childhood and never understand that all
the while I was quite happy.” (lns.30-34)
What does this line say about Nikki’s character? ________________________
7. This poem is categorized as
a. a sonnet
b. a haiku
c. free verse
8. The poem you wrote yesterday, “I Am”, is an example of
a. an autobiographical poem
b. a biographical poem
c. an epic poem