S.2 Literature Holiday Work
A Sudden Storm : Pius Oleghe
The wind howls, the trees sway,
The loose house-top sheets clatter and clang,
The open window shuts with a bang,
And the sky makes night of day.
Helter-skelter the parents run,
Pressed with a thousand minor cares:
‘Hey, you there! Pack the house hold wares!
And where on earth is my son?’
Home skip the little children:
‘Where have you been you naughty boy?’
The child can feel nothing but joy,
For he loves the approach of the rain.
The streets clear, the houses fill,
The noise gathers as children shout
To rival the raging wind without,
And naught that can move is still-
A bright flash! – alighted plain;
Then from the once-blue heavens,
Accompanied by noise that deafens,
Steadily pours the rain
1) Who is the speaker in the above poem?
2) What are the feelings expressed by; a)the speaker, b)the little children in the poem. (Give two on
3) List pairs of words that rhyme in the above poem (atleast 9)
4) Who is being addressed in the above poem?
5) From the above poem, what sounds could one be able to hear at the time of the storm?