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Before you say, “I do…”
Imagine that you have found the guy or girl of your
dreams. You exchange deep, intense, and longing
stares, finish each other’s sentences, and can’t
imagine spending a minute apart. Your bond is so
strong that you would give up everything for each
other. Well, does that “everything” include your
lives? This is exactly what happened between
Othello, the Moor, and his wife Desdemona, all
because of a green- eyed monster called “Jealousy.”
In one of Shakespeare’s most dark and devastating
tragedies, the once blissful and pristine love
between Othello and Desdemona morphs into a
twisted, suspicion-laden venom that envelopes Othello’s very being, courtesy of the evil
incarnate Iago. Read on to get the full story.
Othello falls victim to his
own insecurity as a
stranger in a strange land.
Of course, he is helped
along the way into an
escalating, jealous rage by
his “friend” Iago. Do you
think you are immune to
the same jealous rage that
ruined Othello? Take the
following “Jealousy Quiz”
and determine exactly how
vulnerable you, too, may
be to the manipulation of
your “friends.”
Jealousy Quiz
Appearance vs.
Things are never quite
what they seem.
Shakespeare was the
master at crafting the
tribulations of his
characters around this idea.
In this play, Iago is the
master at creating the
illusion of devotion,
friendship and concern
with the affairs of Othello.
However, his truly evil
motive, stemming from a
promotional slight that he
blames on Othello,
insidiously slithers in and
around every word that he
speaks. He is one “friend”
who will not stop until
ruination is imminent.
Moor News 1
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