Simon Davis

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University of Brighton - Creative Writing: from Idea to Print

My primary motivation in applying for this course with Brighton University is to further my poetic abilities. I realise that in order to progress as a writer; I need to apply a structure of some kind to the production process, and I believe I can improve the quality of my work, and hopefully increase the quantity of the output by participating in a tutored course. I am open to any suggestions of how I could schedule study whilst continuing full time work.

My first degree was in American Studies (Middlesex University 1991

– 1994), including a semester in New York State. My thesis was entitled ‘e e cummings and the mistrust of authority’; and this is the point where my interest in poetry seriously started to take shape.

Since graduating I have explored the subjects and techniques used in poetry, with a view to producing pieces that might be read / heard in my signature style or ‘voice’. I have been influenced in this regard by (most recently) Ezra Pound’s ‘ABC of reading’, ‘The Ghost of


– Expansive Poetry and Postmodernism’ by Kevin Walzer, and through discussion with the Brighton Nightwriters group, with whom I have been published (within the ‘Shorelines

2010’ anthology).

My writing is centered around wordplay, in a variety of ways. Firstly, as a ‘morphing’ tool, in order to create new meanings out of the joining of words, as in this extract from the poem ‘In the begging inn’;

As round and round and round they go

Where they’ve gone nobody gives an escapology

Or even act-knowledges knocking you over or bumping

You off

Oh see you then

No never mind

No mind never

Not at all

Fall down with out a safety net or sign of a trap ease’

I am keen to explore this and concentrate it as a poetic device. Secondly, I am interested in existing & historic poetic forms and devices, e.g. concrete etc, which I have also explored to a degree, (see the untitled poem on the following page):












This area interests me as I feel modern media allows the potential for a new dimension of concrete poetry, using image and possibly animation to further stimulate the reader’s experience of the tradition.

I am interested in a better understanding of cadence and rhythm within poetry and what current attitudes to these poetic topics are within both the academic and publishing worlds,. I have explored this idea in more traditional free verse (see extract from ‘Organism’ below):

‘in a jaundiced bed of win what drugs how with obsessions of have monochrome the rainbows as indifferent whether takes a turn for the now’

In terms of publishing, I am interested in spending time learning the various avenues available

(self publishing, co-op, commercially etc), and ways to avoid any pitfalls that may exist along

the way. Please contact me to advise whether you feel I can benefit from studying with you in any way.