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Caption Sheet

Title of Assignment: The Scarlet Letter Syntax Analysis Essay

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Completed for: AP English Language Year Completed: 2012-2013

Standards Addressed:

Writing Strategies

1.3 Structure ideas and arguments in a sustained, persuasive, and sophisticated way and support them with precise and relevant examples.

Literary Response and Analysis

3.5 Analyze recognized works of American literature representing a variety of genres and traditions: a. Trace the development of American literature from the colonial period forward.

Listening and Speaking

1.11 Critique a speaker’s diction and syntax in relation to the purpose…and the impact the words may have on the audience.


Critical and Creative Thinkers

*receive and evaluate information

*appreciate originality and aesthetics

Empowered Learners

*apply knowledge and skills

Purpose of Assignment: This early-in-the-year rhetorical analysis essay allowed students to first begin to connect the way a writer constructs his piece to a writer’s message. At the same time, students were exposed to and worked with a novel from the Romantic time period that dealt with Puritan values. Students were expected to connect Nathaniel Hawthorne’s message/argument/point to the type of syntax (sentence structure) used. Textual evidence and commentary should be present.