Things Fall Apart Web Quest

Things Fall Apart Web Quest
“Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the
Directions: Today you will be going on an internet based web quest to get a deeper sense of the historical
and biographical references in the novel. Things Fall Apart is a critically diverse novel that explores several
different aspects African history, society, and culture. On your own paper, answer the following questions
using the link. If you cannot find the answer, use a search engine to find results.
1. Content Area- Geography:
Using the following link
 List the four major languages currently spoken. Which one is the official language?
What is their unemployment rate?
What percentage of the population falls below the poverty line?
What type of governing body does Nigeria fall under? Who is their leader (if any)?
What is the capital of Nigeria?
What percent of Ibo people remain to this day?
Using the back of your novel, or a site on the internet, write down four native Igbo words and their
English translation.
Use the following link to research Igbo customs, foods, traditions, festivals, ceremonies, and the very
important Kola Nut:
Explain and identify the following:
Kola Nut
Igbo Tradition
Igbo Custom
2. The Author- Chinua Achebe
Using the following links, and your own internet sourcing (NO Wikipedia!)
Research the life of Chinua Achebe. Among the information you are looking for, answer the following
1. Achebe was born in the country of? In what year?
2. What village was he raised in?
3. Where did Achebe graduate from?
4. Why did he leave Nigeria?
5. Chinua Achebe is a Professor of English for what American college?
6. The Sunday Times of London named Achebe what?
7. He currently lives and works where?
8. List two other works Achebe has written.
3. Final Article:
Read the following article, and list 3 major issues in African history. Explain their impact and how they
affected generations to come.