Thematic series of selected articles Memory. Identity. Culture. Vol.2

Thematic series of selected articles Memory. Identity. Culture.
Vol.2: Mobility in Text. Text in Mobility. 2016
In 2015, the first volume of interdisciplinary papers Memory. Identity. Culture was
( It included authors from the Baltic states,
Germany, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Italy and Croatia. The thematic scope of the
volume was broad, addressing the ways in which different written forms of memory,
from ego-documents to autobiographies, interact with the cultural constructions and
historic metanarratives of identity, as well as into identity created in daily
performances. The volume’s goal was to give insights into contemporary
methodological and theoretical approaches in the memory studies and to provide a
dynamic snapshot of developments in the study of autobiographical writing and other
modes of self-interpretation and self-representation in different national, social and
historical contexts.
We are pleased to announce a call for the second volume of the series. The series aim
is to capture dynamic and cutting-edge research in the studies of memory, identity and
culture, of oral testimony, auto/biographical mode (performance, text, visual image,
etc.) and spaces of their production and perception, with a strong focus on mobility,
in a variety and complexity of its aspects and forms. At the focus of the second
volume are interdisciplinary studies in social sciences and humanities that give an
insight into the ways in which mobilities are represented in auto-fiction,
auto/biography, memory-related visual, electronic, acoustic media. The other thematic
direction of the volume addresses the mobilities of genre, representation, structure,
iconography, etc., through which auto-narratives move their authors and readers
towards fluid meanings of memory, identity, culture.
The papers have not been published before, and should have theoretical and
methodological innovations.
Topics of papers may include (but are not limited to) the following :
Symbolic meaning of mobility,
Social mobility, memory, network,
Migration in history and memory,
Mobility, historical memory, hybridity,
(Trans)national mobilities and displaced memories,
Transcultural contexts and cultural memory,
Memories of places and places of memories in mobility auto-narratives (migration,
Place and Translocality,
Human mobilities, emotional memories,
Mobility – Space – Body,
Gender aspects of mobility experiences,
Mobility, subjectivity, memory,
Transgressing the limits: Border-crossing and liminality in memory narratives,
Speed and memory (dromology, cyberspace)
Disruptive mobilities and asymmetric mobilities
Research papers will be published in English and German
We ask for submission of proposals at the length of (max.) 250-300 words and a short
biography by 31st March 2016 via email to:
[email protected] (english)
[email protected]( deutsch)
The decisions on abstracts will be taken by the series editorial board. The articles will
be peer-reviewed. The volume will be published by The University of Latvia Press.
Deadline for decision circulation: 30 April 2016.
Deadline manuscripts: 31st October 2016. (5,000-8,000 words)
Tatjana Kuharenoka
Irina Novikova
Ivars Orehovs