Call for Papers

Call for Papers
Conference on ”Religion in the Public Sphere”, Aarhus, Denmark, 14-16 May 2008.
Hosted by Religion, Politics and Law focus group, University of Aarhus, The
Theological Faculty, Denmark.
The conference will contain seminars and workshops for presentation of papers.
Papers consist of 30 minute presentations and 15 minutes for discussion.
The papers should advance the understanding of the role of religion in the public
sphere in contemporary and future society.
The papers will be divided according to three major areas:
Religion, Democracy and Modernity
Religion, Secularism and Globalization;
The Role of Diaspora Communities in Integration;
Religion, Power and Authority;
Media, Religion and Democracy.
Religion, Law and Democracy
Religion and Legal Traditions;
The Relationship Between State and Religions;
Islamic Law and European Law;
Religious Education, Citizenship, and Democracy.
Religious Institutions and Public Life
Church Law and Religious Pluralism;
Mission Strategies in Islam and Christianity;
The Role of Religion for Civil Society;
The Role of Religion for Modern Management Theories and the Social
Responsibilities of Private Enterprise.
The organizers encourage papers from all relevant disciplines that address the
dynamics of religion, politics and law. Both empirical and theoretical papers are
If paper is accepted the conference registration fee (Euro 100) is waived.
Please, send your proposals no later than April 1, 2008 to Secretary Marlene Jessen
( Further registration information and a registration sheet will be
available at our website ( in January 2008.
On the list of keynotes for the conference we have among others Dr. Jürgen
Habermas, Germany, Dr. Grace Davie, Great Britain, Dr. Ove Korsgaard, Denmark,
and Dr. Mathias Rohe, Germany.
Peter Lodberg
The Theological Faculty
University of Aarhus
Taasingegade 3
8000 Aarhus C