“Eveline” from James Joyce`s Dubliners

“Araby” from James Joyce’s Dubliners
English 12 CP
1. Based the physical description of Mangan’s sister, what can you surmise about how the
narrator feels about her? (top of p. 16)
2. About Mangan’s sister, the narrator says: “her name was like a summons to all my foolish
blood” (p. 16). Analyze this statement.
3. On page 16, the narrator uses a simile to describe his feelings: “But my body was like a
harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires.” What does the
choice of this particular image reflect about the narrator?
4. What promise does the reader make to Mangan’s sister?
5. How does Mangan feel in the days leading up to the bazaar at Araby?
6. What obstacles present themselves as the narrator tries to get to Araby? What function do
these events serve in the story?
7. What happens when the narrator approaches the stall?
8. Why do you think the narrator leaves without making a purchase for Mangan’s sister?
9. Why does the narrator feel “anguish and anger” at the end of the story? (p. 19)
10. Compare “Araby” with “Eveline.” Focus on theme, tone, and imagery.