Paper #1 - Salem Witch Trials

Position Paper #1
As mentioned in the syllabus, each quarter we will be completing papers and/or projects. Please choose
one of the following topics for our position papers for the first quarter:
Pick one cause for the Salem Witch trials and support it in a three to five page paper:
Hallucinogenic mold
Economic struggles between rich and poor
Salem Village v. Salem Town
Extreme Social/Economic/Survival Stresses of colonial era
Religious colonists v. Merchant colonists
Make sure you organize your paper into paragraphs. Paragraph #1 is your introduction. Your
introduction should include a clear thesis statement stating your opinion on the topic (Do you agree or
disagree with the theory above?). The introduction should also briefly list your supporting reason for your
thesis. Each of these reasons should be explained in its’ own paragraph. Your introduction can also
include interesting information about the topic that will tempt your audience to keep reading your paper
(i.e. “the hook”). At least one of your arguments should address the opposition.
All papers must be typed. Your paper should include a “works cited” page listing all the sources you
used to write the paper. A minimum of five sources is expected, but your paper may include more if
necessary. Your paper should include at least one footnote/citation per paragraph. Footnotes should be
included throughout your paper to indicate any time you used information or thoughts from one of your
sources. Footnotes usually come at the end of the paragraph in which you used the information. However,
if more than one source is used in a paragraph, cite each source as it is used. All papers should contain
quotes, which are always footnoted/cited.
Cover page: As always your cover page should be stapled to the back of your paper. It
should include the title of your paper, your name, the period and the date.
Due Date