– What you do in your free time Academic Challenge S1 French

Academic Challenge – What you do in your free time
S1 French
The Setting
You are about to be given the name of a pen friend from France who is the
same age as you and who is learning English at secondary school. You are
going to write to the pen pal in French and in turn the pen pal is going to write
back to you in English.
The Challenge
Working in groups of four or five, you have to write a letter in French
expressing what you do in your free time. You have to present this letter to the
rest of the class.
Product Criteria
Form criteria
Interesting – catches the eye by using colours, lettering, pictures etc.
Informative – gives the viewer the information required.
Easy to understand – audience can interpret information.
Poster format – displaying the letter and the pictures.
Content criteria
You must write the letter in paragraphs.
- 1st paragraph: introduction, your name, age, nationality, family
members, pets.
- 2nd paragraph: favourite sports, likes/dislikes.
- 3rd paragraph: what do you do at the weekend and after school?
- 4th an appropriate ending.
You must support the letter by using pictures (drawings or from the
The free time activities shown must match the writing in the letter.
Remember that the teacher is here to help you but think about other
resources you can use – your textbook, the library and the internet.
Rule criteria
Use correct spelling and grammar.
Time: three periods, so deadline for this work is …
Co-operative working
Imagination in the displays
Includes just relevant information appropriate to the challenge.
Specific Observable Behaviours
Each student in the group completes a task/job assigned.
Each student has to value other students’ ideas.
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