The Odyssey Group Projects

The Odyssey Group Projects
In your groups, select and complete ONE of the following assignments.
1. Odyssey Newspaper – you will complete a newspaper from the time of the Odyssey.
It must be a proper newspaper with all of the sections associated with a proper paper,
including news (International, national, and local), business, classifieds, advertisements,
entertainment, sports, weather, horoscopes, an advice column, etc. Include both events
described in the Odyssey and those from your imagination, and many images.
2. Odyssey graphic novel – you will create a graphic novel depicting the major events,
characters, and symbols in the Odyssey You may use quotes from the book and your own
words to create text, and may generate the images on computer or by hand. DO NOT use
pre-existing images; you must make your own.
3. Odyssey story book – turn the Odyssey into an illustrated storybook for someone in
about grade 6 or 7. Use the key events of the plot and the major themes and symbols to
create your own words and illustrations.
4. Create a movie: take the story and create a movie that covers the key points of the
plot, dealing with the themes and symbols of the original. This may be an adaptation,
where you alter the setting or simply a production of the original. You will need to write
a script, film it, and edit. Also consider the use of props and costumes, etc.
5. A game: create a game that represents the major plot points of the story, and
addresses the themes and symbolism in some way. This may be a board game, card
game, tabletop RPG, or computer game.
You will be marked on several criteria:
- Completeness (all parts of plot or newspaper)
- Illustrations (creativity, effort)
- Conventions (grammar, spelling, etc)
- Creativity of overall design and concept (includes layout and design)