Antigone Questions 4

Close Reading Questions for Antigone by Sophocles
1. According to Ode III, Love has the power to do what kinds of things?
2. What is the chorus’ attitude towards Antigone before her execution?
3. How is it that Creon can order Antigone’s death and still have “clean” hands?
4. Whose approval does Antigone hope for?
5. Does Antigone acknowledge that she committed a crime?
6. Antigone believes she is suffering because she would not break the law; explain:
7. Danae was the mother of Perseus. What happened to her that is similar to
Antigone’s fate?
8. What does Teiresias mean when he tells Creon that he walks “the edge of fate”?
9. According to Teiresias, what calamity has Creon brought upon Thebes? What is
the only crime?
10. How does Creon react to Teiresias’ suggestion that he should change?
11. What is Teiresias predicting when he says, “you shall pay back, corpse for
12. What is the Chorus leader and Creon’s response to Teiresias after he departs”?
13. What does the Choragos advise Creon to do?
14. Explain the statement, “God moves swiftly to cancel the folly of stubborn men.”
15. The Paean is a song of praise to Dionysus. Why would he be mentioned in a
Greek play? Why at this moment?
16. How does Haimon die?
17. Who is Eurydice?
18. What does the messenger help Creon do to Polyneices’ body?
19. How does Antigone die?
20. Who is to blame for all of this suffering?
21. Quote a line which demonstrates that Creon finally recognizes that he is to blame.
22. What additional bad news does Creon receive?
23. According to the final words of the Choragos, what should men realize?