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Julius Caesar Paper Assessment Document: 100 Points
Humanities-Lit 9: Dr. Whalen
1. Correct MLA format, including intext citations.
10 Points
2. Four pages, free of errors in grammar
and spelling. Clean copy. 10 Points
3. Imaginative, well-constructed
introduction that includes a clear
response to the prompt. 20 Points
4. Text citations that are
 economical,
 judiciously chosen,
 smoothly embedded in your
 function to effectively support
the argument at hand
20 Points
5. Graceful and concise expression;
paper is edited for wordiness
20 Points
6. Prose that reflects mature
understanding of issues and text at hand
20 Points
Julius Caesar Paper Assignment
Humanities Literature 9
Writing Prompts. Choose One.
How does Shakespeare portray common men and noblemen differently, in the
play? Are the plebeians as fickle as Flavius and Murellus claim in the play’s
opening? Write a paper that specifically analyzes the literary strategies
Shakespeare uses to achieve contrast. Is his portrayal meant to force a certain
perception on the play’s audience regarding the actions of the conspirators?
Contrast EITHER Brutus OR Caesar as portrayed by Shakespeare, with Plutarch’s
account of either man. The heart of the paper should consider Shakespeare’s
perspective of the historical events surrounding the assassination of Julius
Caesar. This topic thus requires that you consider the possible influence of
Plutarch’s historical records and the techniques used by Shakespeare to represent
these events to entertain an Elizabethan audience.
At the end of the play, Antony refers to Brutus as "the noblest Roman of them
all." Do you agree with his assessment? Was Brutus noble?
Forces of Nature, coupled with superstition and the supernatural, play an
important role in Julius Caesar. Using examples from the play to support your
ideas, analyze how natural and supernatural events correspond with the events
that take place in the play (including, perhaps, how different individuals react to
these events).
Compare and contrast Cassius and Brutus. They each have their reasons for
killing Caesar, reasons that vary dramatically in scope. Analyze how they are
similar and different by using examples from the play.
Compare and contrast Antony and Brutus. Both men are loyal and honorable men,
but they have many differences as well. Some considerations to get you started: Is
Antony totally noble? Look at how he acts after Caesar is killed. Why do they do
what they do? Is each in it for himself, or for a greater cause?