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My Dear Fellow Human Beings:
I hope you all love happiness as much as I do. To me, Happiness is success, and success
is happiness. Happiness is the primary goal of life and everything else is secondary to it.
You need to understand that, Happiness is an advanced state of mind where one does not
lose his or her mental balance, at least not for long while facing the difficulties and
challenges of life.
Please also understand Happiness and laughing are far apart and should not be confused
with each other. Happiness is a state of advanced and healthy mind that belong to the
balanced personalities. Whereas laughing is superficial and of a fleeting nature and is a
common place.
I believe all of you can learn happiness with coaching and training. You can overcome
heredity and genetic factors if they are the stumbling blocks for you. I believe that your
life is the product of your actions and not of your ancestors. Come and learn happiness!
I love to speak on physical, mental and spiritual health.
My favorite topics are:
You hold the key to happiness.
How to reverse the diseases process.
How to reverse the aging process.
How to act and feel young at any age.
Hypnosis. (Therapeutic)
The art of breathing, that prolongs life, gives you more energy and make you
strong physically, mentally and spiritually.
Fees: Depends on each program.
Location: 431 WASHINGTON AVE. BELLEVILLE, NJ 07109-2618
Email: [email protected]
Good luck and best wishes!
Pratap C. Singhal MD
“The Happy Man”