Living Things And Their Needs

Living Things and Their Needs
By Sandy Kemsley
All living things need some basic things to survive.
These things are shelter, food, air, and water. These things
are very important. Changes in any of these four things can
harm living things.
Shelter is important. It protects living things. It can keep
them warm or cool. It protects them from the weather and
from predators. Animals have different types of shelter.
Some have dens. Some live in caves. Some have nests.
People have different types of homes too.
Food is important to living things. Without food, living
things cannot survive. If an animal’s food supply is gone,
they must move to find more food. If the cannot they will
All living things need air to survive. Animals and people
breathe air. The air contains oxygen. They need oxygen to
live. Plants breathe air. They need carbon dioxide. Plants
create oxygen. People and animals need plants to survive.
Water is important for all living things. Animals will live
near water. If the water supply is gone, they will move.
People depend on water to live, too. People need clean
water to drink. Many cities are near rivers. It is important
to keep the water clean.
It is important that these four basic things be part of all
living things and their habitats.