George Orwell Shooting an Elephant

George Orwell Shooting an Elephant
 What is the difference between real power and the illusion of power?
 1920’s British controlled Burma (Southeast Asia)
o British colonies = British people living and governing
o Remained outsiders
 Minority holding power over resentful people
 George Orwell
o Police Officer
 Symbolized foreign rule
o An enemy within another culture
 Enormous internal conflict
 Acted against his conscience
Literary Terms:
 Informal Essay
o Reveals personality and opinions of author
 Imperialism (Informal/Tyrannical) vs. Colonialism (Formal)
 Personal dilemma
 Cultural dilemma
 Situational Irony
o Something happens that is completely different from what we
expect or what we think is appropriate
 While a British officer in Burma a frenzied elephant killed a person. A
large crowd gathered while Orwell feels pressured by the crowd and his
rank to take action; otherwise he will risk looking foolish. He shoots the
elephant causing it a prolonged and agonizing death.