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Conflict Essay
Assume I have read the story but did not understand it. You do not have to retell it to me; it is
not a book report.
Prewriting Look through your story and find 3 different conflict that significantly influence the
outcome of the story (they are probably why you like the book!) They could be just on a page or
throughout the book. You may select a maximum of 2 Person Vs. Person conflicts. Find a line
from the story that is a major part of developing the conflict, and write it on this page. Include
the page number.
Intro paragraph: (You may use this one!)
Literature teaches us about the human condition. Conflict is what makes literature
interesting and life complex. People handle conflict in various ways: some try to avoid them and
some do not. We often read literature to understand ourselves and others and the conflicts that
challenge us. For “Short Story Title” or Novel Title by (insert name of the author), analyzing the
conflicts can help add meaning to the story and teach readers life lessons.
Now you are going to write the 3 support paragraphs for this essay. For each paragraph,
state the general type of conflict in your topic sentence: “Person Vs. Person conflict begins
when…(specific example from story)” Then explain how the conflict develops, (issues
discussed, events, whatever—a beginning, middle, and an end) in a short narrative and end how
it is resolved- turns out). Generally one quote is needed for each paragraph as part of your
evidence; include the page number in parentheses (5). It only counts as one sentence, so it
should be chosen carefully and edited down. Then you need a concluding sentence such as “This
conflict was serious.” Or “Person Vs. Society conflict harmed the outlaw.”
Conclusion : Conflict is an important part of The Miracle Worker. Annie Sullivan has truly
been a miracle worker because she helped the family in many ways. She also helped herself with
some personal struggles. The happy ending is because of her strengths. (You may adapt this
paragraph but it won’t work as is).