The Real Number System

The Real Number System
Name: __________________________________ Date: ________________
Directions: Classify each number as natural, whole, integer, rational or irrational.
Write ALL names that apply.
1. -5 __________________________________________________________
2. √ _________________________________________________________
3. 2 ⅞ ________________________________________________________
4. -13 ⅛ _______________________________________________________
5. 0 __________________________________________________________
6. 3.87652… ___________________________________________________
Complete the table. Classify the number by placing an X in each appropriate
column. The first exercise has been done.
Integer Irrational
7. 312
8. -9.1
9. 3.14159…
10. - √
11. -10
12. 6 ¼
13. 7.212121…
14. Which number is rational?
a. √
b. √
c. √
d. 23.542718…
15. Which number is an integer?
a. 43/87
b. 2/7
c. 0
d. π
Directions: Read the following story told. Every time you see a number in the
story, write it in the left hand column. Then check the appropriate boxes that
classify the number.
This is a story about Snow White and the 7 dwarfs vacation. On one fine July day, the whole
group of them boarded a short bus and took off to visit Death Valley, CA, which is 282 feet
below sea level (-282). On the day they visited, a record high temperature of 134 degrees was
recorded. The dwarves were so hot that even Dopey got grumpy. To put them in better moods
and cool them off, Snow White decided to make them smoothies. To make them extra cold,
Snow white included 1¾ of a cup of ice in each drink. After they finished, the dwarves were in a
much better mood. They all boarded the bus to return home. Snow White asked each of them
to rate the trip on a scale from zero to ten. The average rating was 3.679…
R= real
I= irrational
Q= rational
Z= integer
W= whole
N= Natural
Your turn!
This time YOU write the story! Be sure to include at least one of each type of
number. Circle the numbers and label them:
R= real
I= irrational
Q= rational Z= integer W= whole
N= Natural
The best story wins a prize tomorrow!