MATH220 Elementary Statistics Spring 2012 - it

MATH220 Elementary Statistics Spring 2012
Instructor: Lihua Chen
Office: Roop Hall 338
Office phone: 540-568-6533
Office hours MWF 12:30-1:00, 3:30-4:40 and by appointment
Email: [email protected]
Text: Essential Statistics David S. Moore, 1st edition.
Course Website:∼chen3lx/
Goals of the Course:
1. To understand how to efficiently collect data.
2. To use graphs and numbers to display and explore data.
3. To use graphs and statistical methods to analyze the relationship between
two variables.
4. To use statistical methods to make inferences about population parameters.
5. To understand the concept of probability, distribution and sampling variability.
Prerequisite: MATH 155, MATH 156 or sufficient score on the Mathematics Placement Exam.
Quizzes: 15 percent
Tests: 45 percent(Test 1: 2/10. Test 2: 3/16. Test 3: 4/20)
Final Exam : 40 percent
(5/2 10:30-12:30 Wednesday if meeting time 1:25-2:15,
4/30 1:00-3:00 Monday if meeting time 2:30-3:20)
Grading scale: If you reach these point percentages, you are guaranteed at
least the corresponding grade: A :≥ 92, B :≥ 82, C :≥ 72, D :≥ 62. The actual
cutoff points may depend upon the performance of the class and the difficulty
of the material.
Grading policy:
Unannounced quizzes will be given and quizzes and tests may NOT be made
Up to two quizzes with lowest scores may be dropped. Note one purpose of
this policy is to take care of missed work due to excused absences. If you miss
more than you are allowed to drop due to excused absences, we will deal with
that on an individual basis.
Exams: The exams are closed notes and closed book. The formula sheets
will be supplied by the instructor.
You can bring a calculator to each exam, but you may not share a calculator
with other students.
The final exam is cumulative.
Attendance: Attending classes is very important for learning the required
material of this course. Students who missing 4 classes without excused will
result in a reduction of grade by one letter.
For locations of computers, see
The Learning Center offers free tutoring in Math 220 in Roop 200. In the
spring 2012, it is open Sunday 5 pm to 8 pm, M-R 10 am to 8 pm and F 10 am
to 2 pm. For additional information, see or call 568-3379.
The honor code of the university will be strictly enforced. The JMU Honor
Code is available from
Disruptive behavior will result in the reduction of the student’s final grade.
No WP or WF grade will be issued for this course.
No Honors option will be offered in this course.
Tentative Outline
Chapter 1: Picturing distribution with graphs
Chapter 2: Describing distributions with numbers
Chapter 3: The normal distribution
Chapter 4:
Scatterplots and correlation
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6: Part I review
Chapter 7:
Producing data: sampling
chapter 8:
Producing data: experiments
chapter 9: Introducing probability
chapter 10: Sampling distributions
chapter 11: General rules of probability
chapter 13: Introduction to inference
chapter 14: Thinking about inference
chapter 15 Part II review
chapter 16: Inference about a population mean
chapter 17: Two-sample problem
chapter 18: Inference about a population proportion
chapter 19: Comparing two proportions
chapter 20: Part III review
chapter 21: Two categorical variables: the chi-square test
This is a tentative schedule. The actual contents may be altered based on the
time limitation and the needs of the students.