Personal Museums - Anchorage School District

Personal Museums (4A)
This is a project that will give you a chance to share a part of you with our class. Since we are
going to work together this year, we need to be able to understand each other. A personal
museum is a project that you will put together that will allow you to share part of your life with
our class.
Exactly how you share with the class will be up to you. Mr. Opitz will demonstrate his personal
museum, which may give you some ideas. However, you may choose to present your personal
museum in a way that is much different. Feel free to be creative.
Possible Ideas:
A poster
A video
A grab bag of special items from your life
A demonstration of one of your talents
Or any other appropriate idea
1. Include at least one written document (maybe something you wrote, a favorite book, a poem
you enjoy, a funny cartoon, etc.)
2. Include at least one photograph, but not more than 3
3. Presentation should be no longer than 7 minutes including questions.
Other items that you may want to share: This is up to you…..
A family treasure
A special cd you enjoy
Your journal – not for others to read, but just to show it
Something you made
An item you have from a traveling experience
An item from one of your hobbies
An item from a sport you enjoy (Your basketball, your skateboard, your helmet,
An item demonstrating your family’s culture
A piece of artwork
A stuffed animal
NOTE: Your personal museum presentation should not be sooooooo large that it causes
problems. Please use your common sense.
Chris Opitz, Anchorage School District