Using verbs from the newest Picture Dictionary, add to the stories

Wall Stories
Use your Spanish finesse to write creative and accurately structured short stories.
Using verbs from the newest Picture Dictionary, in assigned groups,
you will add to the stories posted on the walls.
Each group will start at one poster paper. 30-60 seconds later, your
group will hear a bell and switch to the next poster paper (to your
group’s left). Your goal is to write a complete sentence that is relevant
(having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand)
and accurately structured – though it CAN and SHOULD be creative
and/or fun. The story will end when there are twelve sentences. Keep
this in mind around the 10th sentence; that the story should be
wrapping up. The rules are:
1. Each group member has to have a turn writing.
2. You can NOT repeat a verb that has been already used in the
story (unless you also add another new one to the sentence).
3. You can carry your Picture Dictionary.
4. No more than three sentences in the entire story can be without
NEW Picture Dictionary verbs.
5. No member of your group can leave your poster paper until you
hear the bell sound. (If you have extra time, review sentences
for correct spelling, etc.)