Mitosis Vocabulary

Mitosis Vocabulary
Mitosis –the process of cell division including division of the nucleus.
Cancer –disorder caused when cells lose the ability to control growth and continue to
Interphase –part of the cell cycle when the cell is not dividing
G1 –phase of the cell cycle after cell division, growth and day to day life of a cell.
S Phase –Replication or synthesis of DNA and associated proteins that happens before
cells divide.
G2 –Phase of the cell cycle when cells prepare for cell division by making more
organelles and cytoplasm.
Diffusion – How most water soluble materials get into a cell. process by which
molecules tend to move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower
Chromosome –Thread like structure with in the nucleus containing genetic information.
Made of DNA coiled around proteins.
Chromatid –half of a duplicated chromosome. One of two “sister” parts, makes half of
the “X”
Centromere –area where sister chromatids of a chromosome attach.
Cell Cycle –series of events cells go through when they divide.
Prophase – when the chromosomes coil up and become visible, and the centrioles go to
opposite sides of the cell.
Centriole –tiny microtubule structure located in the cytoplasm that helps create the
spindle fibers.
Spindle –helps separate the chromosomes during mitosis. Fan shaped structure made of
Metaphase –when chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell , during cell division.
Anaphase –when the chromosomes pair separates and moves toward opposite sides, third
phase of mitosis.
Telophase –when the chromosomes uncoil and disperse into a tangle of dense material.
The final phase of mitosis.
Cytokinesis –Division of the cytoplasm and organelles during cell division.