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Office of the Vice Provost for Research New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities, 2004-05 New Frontiers Grants

W. Claude Baker, Jr., Music, IUB

Homages and Intermezzos for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra This project is a composition of a multi-movement work, approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes in duration, for alto saxophone and orchestra.

Michel Chaouli, Germanic Studies, IUB

Touch and Taste: Embodied Cognition and the Emergence of Aesthetics This book examines how European thought in the eighteenth century tackles the issue of the relationship of body and mind. The book puts forward three theses: first, that the Enlightenment develops differentiated accounts of touch; second, that these accounts of touch represent efforts at putting back together body and mind; and third, that this leads to the emergence of the discipline of aesthetics, where a theory of embodied cognition is worked out through the notion of skin.

Henry Cooper, Slavics Laguages & Literatures, IUB Bogdan Rakic, Slavics Laguages & Literatures, IUB

The Ducic Papers Six boxes of papers, photos, and other items belonging to the Serbian poet Jovan Ducic (1871-1943) have come to light in Indianapolis. As far as can be determined after a cursory glance through three of the boxes, they may contain heretofore unknown poems and other important literary documents by the most important Serbian poet of the first half of the twentieth century. We seek to publish these poems and documents.

Devin DeWeese, Central Eurasian Studies, IUB

Historical Foundations of Islamic Identity in Central Asia This project will produce a text edition, translation, and analysis of a Central Asian Islamic religious text, from the 14th century, which recounts the spread of Islam in Central Asia, and has informed the integration of Islam and communal identity among the peoples of the region down to the present.


Valerie Eickmeier, Fine Arts, IUPUI

Public Art Exhibition Herron will host a public sculpture exhibition. Sixteen artists of national and international prominence will create original and innovative works of art for this exhibition that will bring new perspectives to public art. The artists employ diverse materials and techniques that address the balance between the natural and constructed environment. They will explore partnerships between form, environment and technology and examine how we view ourselves in a complex world of information.

Adelheid Gealt, Art Museum, IUB

Domenico Tiepolo: A New Testament The project is to publish ground breaking scholarship on a painstakingly reconstructed New Testament cycle by the Venetian master, Domenico Tiepolo (1727-1804). The book, to quote Colum Hourihane, Director, Index of Christian Art, Princeton University, is "destined to become a major reference work." Its magnitude (313 drawings, 800 pages) requires subvention.

Susan Gubar, English, IUB

Judas, A Biography In a biography of Judas Iscariot, the project is to analyze biblical sources, medieval manuscript Illuminations, Renaissance painting, and modern literature to trace his evolution from an anomalous apostle to Satan's avaricious agent, from the passionate lover of Jesus to his double and savior. Judas's mutations illuminate attitudes toward greed, hypocrisy, and betrayal as well as the relationship between Judaism and Christianity.

Matthew Guterl, African American and African Diaspora Studies, IUB

Rainbow Family: Josephine Baker and the Search for Racial Democracy "Rainbow Family" is a new book project: a biography of Josephine Baker, focusing on her 1ife, her re-conceptualizations of race, and the various meanings attached to her adopted family after World War Two. The project pushes two established disciplines - African American Studies and History - in new directions, and contributes, as well, to the emerging fields of Adoption Studies and Gender Studies. The proposal solicits financial support for initial research expenses and travel to relevant archives.

Patricia Ingham, English, IUB

The Monstrous and the Medieval "The Monstrous and the Medieval" examines representations of monstrosity in medieval poetry and prose alongside the circulation of the 'monstrous medieval' in twentieth century film. The proposed volume accordingly pairs six medieval texts that represent, or have been said to represent, monstrosity with six European or American films that depict

3 monstrosity in medieval terms. A comparative historicist endeavor, the project aims to enrich our understanding of the representational strategies deployed by both medieval texts and contemporary film by considering 'medieval monstrosities' alongside the repetitive tendency within 20th century visual and narrative filmic techniques to make monsters (whether in origin, iconography, or essence)


so medieval. By combining an analysis of the complexities of medieval textuality and culture with a countermove directed at the visual and narrative complexities of film, I seek to analyze, rather than to duplicate, the persistent association of the medieval era with the regressive, the archaic, the grotesque.

Michael McCraw, Music, IUB

Residency of New York Baroque Dance Company at IU Bloomington This project is a residency of the New York Baroque Dance Company in the School of Music at the Bloomington campus of Indiana University, March 20--April 2, 2006. Their residency would offer eleven classes to music and ballet students and culminate in a performance employing student forces from the School of Music.

Murray McGibbon, Theatre & Drama, IUB

The African Tempest Project A re-working of Shakespeare's

The Tempest

set on a mythical island off the coast of South Africa. Utilizing rehearsal methods of Sir Peter Brook, the production will feature African American, Asian and White students, guest artists from South Africa and costumes researched on site from Zulu, Ndebele and Xhosa tribes.

Osamu Nakagawa, Fine Arts, IUB

Ma-between the past /Okinawa Project This project involves creative activity during my sabbatical leave in the spring of 2006, when I will continue working on my current digital photography and video research project,

Ma-between the past.

My intention is to expand this work by introducing the complexities of identity within Okinawan culture and digitally construct images that connect the past, present and future. I will continue to explore and polish this new body of work for exhibitions at the McMurtrey Gallery in Houston, TX and SEPIA International Gallery in New York, NY in 2007-8.

P.Q. Phan, Music, IUB Robert Hatten, Music, IUB

Creation of the Opera, Lorenzo de' Medici This project is a composition of a two-act (two-hour) opera, Prof. Robert Hatten's writing of the libretto, and initial preparation of the score and parts for performance. The opera dramatizes events in the life of Lorenzo de'Medici and features an innovative compositional style.


Sven-David Sandstrom, Music, IUB Laura Poole, Health, Physical Education and Recreation, IUB Ricardo Alvarez, Fine Arts, IUB

Arts Pact: Music, Video and Dance as a Multi-layered Theatre Experience This project is a collaboration between the arts of the investigators - music, dance, video - to produce a work which will be shown in the Ruth N. Halls Theatre on January 12th and 13th, 2006. The piece intends to give insight into the natural world and the human relationship to it.

Elizabeth Shea , Health, Physical Education and Recreation, IUB Jeffrey Hass, Music, IUB Robert Shakespeare, Theatre & Drama, IUB

Expanding the Creative Process through the use of Digital Technology: A Collaborative Work in Music, Light, and Contemporary Dance This project will develop and implement innovative digital technologies in relation to expanding the realm and scope of the creative process used in producing contemporary performance art. The resultant activity will be a live modern dance work which is supported and formed by real-time interactions with electronic music and projected scenography.

Rakesh Solomon, Theatre & Drama, IUB

Culture, Politics, and Theatre in Colonial India, 1753-1947 This book project investigates some fundamental questions about the human condition; why cultures create new artistic genres or utilize the creative process to resist or indigenize foreign cultures? How cultures invent and perform national identity? I focus on colonial Indian theatre, drawing on my NEH-funded research in 19 Indian and British archives.

Betsy Stirratt, Fine Arts, IUB

Human Nature

Human Nature

is a two-part exhibition of visual art and scientific imaging. This project will use examples of contemporary visual art and scientific imaging to examine our relationship to nature and current explorations in the life sciences. The exhibits will originate at the School of Fine Arts(SoFA) Gallery and will travel. Two catalogs will be published documenting the exhibits.

Georgia Strange, Fine Arts, IUB

Body New: Figurative Sculpture in the 21st Century After five years of modeling portraits, this project is a two-week intensive study of figure modeling at the new York Studio School before proceeding with a series of nine

5 figurative sculptures inspired by the Greek and Roman mythical Furies. This work is motivated by worldwide warfare and slaughter of innocents.

Peter Thuesen, Religious Studies, IUPUI

Predestination: The American Career of a Contentious Doctrine This project is the first comprehensive, critical history of American belief in the ancient Christian doctrine of predestination--the divine foreordination of each person's ultimate destiny-from the Puritans to George W. Bush. A book for academic and general readers on predestination's far-reaching and controversial influence in both religious denominations and the wider culture will result.

Jeffrey Wolin, Fine Arts, IUB

Vietnam War Veterans: Portraits and Text This project involves photographing and interviewing Vietnam Veterans about their war experiences. The portraits are combined with text excerpted from the interviews. The resulting large format digital prints will be shown at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, which will travel the exhibition to other museums and co publish an accompanying book.

New Perspectives Grants

John Bodnar, Center for the Study of History and Memory, IUB Jeffrey Gould, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, IUB Jeffrey Wasserstrom, East Asian Studies Center, IUB

The Indiana University Workshop on the History of Human Rights This project is a workshop on human rights. It will bring together scholars and students to explore the ongoing struggle to free human beings from all sorts of oppression. It will bring to the study not only a global perspective but special sensitivity to the question of empathy.

Terri Bourus, Humanities, IU Kokomo

Actors from the London Stage Residency at Indiana University Kokomo The traditional approach to teaching Shakespeare has long meant close critical reading of the texts. This is now changing in favor of teaching the texts as they were meant to be enjoyed: as performances. Shakespearean scholars now recognize the value of approaching the plays through the stage and are beginning to incorporate acting into their classrooms and lecture halls.

Actors From the London Stage

(AFTLS) is a word-class Shakespearean acting troupe, based in London. Each troupe is comprised of five actors who travel to several universities in the United States each year with their unique educational program. This program would be of immense educational and cultural value to Indiana University Kokomo and to the local community as well.


Andrew Bucksbarg, Telecommunications, IUB

Videacy: Experimental Media Arts Festival Videacy is a juried international, experimental program presented in a theater environment. The Videacy program will be composed of exciting, innovative video shorts from the current international video art, experimental animation and moving image/sound scene. The focus is on new work by emerging and established artists, creatives and culture producers. Videacy's goal is to blend together an interdisciplinary mix through digital media and technology. Videacy strives to be a forum for experimental, provocative audio-visual expressions that play with form, content and technology.

Michel Chaouli, Germanic Studies, IUB

Workshop: The Five Senses in the Eighteenth Century This project is a workshop on "The Five Senses in the Eighteenth Century" in set for September 2005 on the Bloomington campus. Most of those taking part will be graduate students and faculty at IU, but we will also have three outside scholars. What is notable about this workshop is that it directly grows out of a graduate seminar and hence combines pedagogical and scholarly aims.

Alyce Miller, English, IUB

Kindred Spirits This project is an interdisciplinary conference here at I.U. that would address the complex subject of "the animal," and would combine law, ethics, rights, literature, theology, feminism, creative writing, science, history, etc. Keynote speakers would address such issues as animals in law, animal cognition and communication, animals' and children's rights, moral theory, animals and economics, the relationship between companion animals and human beings, etc. The purpose of this would be to encourage an exciting, intellectual debate and conversations about a very "hot" topic through an interdisciplinary forum that would likely attract a wide range of participants and observers.

Micheline Nilsen, Fine Arts, IU South Bend

Integrating the Campus Thematic Year into the Curriculum This project is to develop a model for a combined course and public lecture series on the “Campus Theme” or “Themantic Year” topic, a component of the campus-wide general education program. This multi-section course/public lecture model will be initiated during the academic year 2005-2006, the first year of implementation of the new IUSB Core Curriculum.

Oana Panaite, French & Italian, IUB

The Poetics and Politics of Language: Workshops in Francophone Studies

7 Two major scholars - Edouard Glissant (CUNY) and Bernard Cerquiglini (LSU) - are invited to participate in one-week workshops at Indiana University-Bloomington in connection with a graduate seminar taught in Spring 2006 as part of the Program of Francophone Studies. The project interests students and scholars in French and Italian, Philosophy, Linguistics, Comparative Literature, African-American Studies, American Studies, and the Creative Writing Program.

William Potter, Fine Arts, IUPUI

Transitions and Expressions Lecture Series This project is a series of lectures by distinguished art critics of national and international reputation. The lectures will serve an audience composed of Herron, IUPUl and the population of Indianapolis. The intended outcome of the lecture will be to create a bridge between the arts and the humanities, mediate on the present and future role of the Herron School of Art and Design.

Fred Rees, Music, IUPUI

Creating an Internet2 Music Agenda for Performance, Education, and Research in Indiana: An Invitational Symposium This project is a statewide symposium on musical performance, education, and research employing Intemet2. The purpose of the symposium is to identify areas of interest common to music programs In performance, education, and research that make employment of this informational conduit appropriate for the collegiate setting

Alvin Rosenfeld, Jewish Studies Program, IUB Jeffrey Veidlinger, Jewish Studies Program, IUB

The Dislocated Writer: Contemporary American Jewish Exile Literature This project is a small conference next spring on the literature of exile. The focus will be on writings by recent Jewish immigrants to America, but the questions raised will deal broadly with the phenomenon of the dislocated writer and transnational literatures broadly conceived.

Darlene Sadlier, Spanish & Portuguese, IUB

21st Century Lusophone Studies This project is the symposium

2lst-Century Lusophone Studies

which will also honor the contributions of Professor (Emeritus) Heitor Martins (Department of Spanish and Portuguese) to the field and to Indiana University during his 30 years of research, teaching and service here. The symposium is interdisciplinary and transnational in focus and will take a cultural studies approach to recent developments in the Lusophone world. Invited specialists from the United States and Brazil will offer new interpretations of issues associated with the Portuguese empire, colonial Brazil, contemporary Brazilian

8 theater, as well as the legacy of the Brazilian 1950s literary vanguard, of which Heitor Martins was a seminal figure.

William Schneider, History and Center for Bioethics, IUPUI

Indiana and Eugenics, 1907-2007 April 27, 2007 will mark the 100'" anniversary of the signing into law of a bill passed by the Indiana legislature that provided for the involuntary sterilization of criminals. This project is a two-day conference that will take place in conjunction with the other events to commemorate the 100'" anniversary. The leading recent and current scholars in the history of eugenics will come to Indianapolis to examine new trends in scholarship on eugenics. These scholars will also participate in a session for the general public as well as a targeted audience of jurists and health professionals. Papers will be put online and be submitted for an edited volume. Documents on the history of eugenics in Indiana will be digitized and made available for subsequent scholarship.

Robert Shakespeare, Theatre & Drama, IUB

Virtual Scenography in Live Performance: Future Directions Symposium The objective of this symposium is to discover a new perspective on Virtual Scenography by assembling a national and international team of experts to explore the capabilities of advancing technology, to examine the aesthetic potential for VS in theatre, and to define new VS research and exploratory creative works.

Betsy Stirratt, Fine Arts, IUB

Human Nature: A Lecture Series and Colloquium Prominent speakers from the fields of visual arts, art history, life sciences, ethics and humanities will be invited to the Bloomington campus to present a series of public lectures and serve in colloquium related to Human Nature, an interdisciplinary two-part exhibition of visual art and scientific imaging. This two-part exhibit and lecture series will be presented at the School of Fine Arts (SOFA) Gallery on the Bloomington campus from February-March and August-October of 2006. Visiting scholars will present lectures during the course of the two exhibits, and will convene in two daylong interdisciplinary colloquia.

Violette Verdy, Music, IUB

Violette Verdy Archive and Presentation Project The Violette Verdy Archive and Presentation Project will archive and digitize Verdy's private collection of dance videos, photographs and artwork. Verdy will also be filmed during a Master Class and ensuing question session. These digitized images and films will be made available online and at the Music Library.

Steven Wagschal, Spanish & Portuguese, IUB Juan Carlos Conde, Spanish & Portuguese, IUB


Catherine Larson, Spanish & Portuguese, IUB

Don Quixote 1605-2005 Symposium Miguel de Cervantes's

Don Quixote

is widely recognized not only as one of the most important literary texts of early modem Spanish literature, but also as one of the greatest works in the Western canon. Four hundred years after the publication of the First Part, Cervantes's masterpiece continues to fascinate scholars, provide literary, filmic, musical and artistic inspiration, and find ever more new readers through modern editions and new translations. The quatercentenary of

Don Quixote

is a unique opportunity to host a symposium devoted to the study and celebration of this magnificent text.

Visiting Visionary Scholars Grants

Andrea Ciccarelli, French & Italian, IUB Alfred Aman, Institute for Advanced Study, IUB

Solitude: An Interdisciplinary Workshop This project aims to invite to the Bloomington campus (but not only) a series of well known authors and scholars who deal, in their respective fields, with the theme of solitude in a multifaceted way. The project is twofold: on the one hand, it focuses upon the relationship between solitude and creative activity; on the other, it focuses upon neurosciences and their role in creative activity.

Ulla Connor, English, IUPUI Richard M. Frankel, Medicine, IUPUI Eleanor Kinney, Law, IUPUI Kathleen Zoppi, Family Medicine, IUPUI

Srikant Sarangi Visit The Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication (ICIC) proposes to bring Dr. Srikant Sarangi to IUPUI campus from July 19 to August 18, 2005. He will lead a think tank and keynote a conference and seminars, lending his vision of intercultural communication as a basis of all organizational discourse.

Gwendolyn Hamm, Health, Physical Education and Recreation, IUB

An Assimilation of Polish Folk and Contemporary Modern Dance: Research and Pedagogical Perspectives The Departments of Kinesiology and Anthropology, will partner in sponsoring Mr. Jacek Luminski, Director of the Silesian Dance Theater, to work with the Contemporary Dance Program during the fall of 2005. The project will focus on Polish folk and contemporary modern dance through a series of lectures, choreographic, and teaching residencies.