Credo Group Discussion 2013

_____________’s, ___________’s, ______________s, and
___________’s Credo of Geologic and Biological
“Change over Time.”
Before You Start
A. What is your group’s definition of truth?
B. How does the group decide what is the truth and what isn’t?
C. If you don’t all have the same way of defining the truth, could your answers be very
D. If you don’t agree, that’s okay. Just put down the different things you believe/think. The idea
is that you just hear and understand different view points. Understand?
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Give the Answer and Why you think so.
1. How old is the earth? Why do you think that?
2. How did the earth form? Describe what happened.
3. What evidence could scientists use to figure out what happened in earth’s ancient past? (List
as many as you can.) Check the ones you think are credible/valid ways to prove things we can’t
have seen.
4. Give your Top Five List: What are the five most important events in earth’s history? Give
your reason for choosing those.
5. Scientists created a timeline to organize earth’s history. How would you organize/group
earth’s history? In other words, what events would determine where divisions should be made?
6. Describe the earth’s surface since it first formed. A) Has it changed? B) If so, how has it
changed as time has passed? C)What forces created these changes?
7. Is the earth still evolving? What evidence makes you think yes or no?
8. What is a fossil? How could you figure out how old a fossil was if you found one?
9. Do creatures today always look the way they do now? If yes, why did they stay the same? If
no, why did they change?
10. Why are there no longer dinosaurs? How did the puny mammals survive while the powerful
dinosaurs died out?
11. A) What is evolution? (Most people will tell you emphatically they are pro or con, but few
can accurately define what it is.) B) Is your definition based on belief or evidence? C) Why is
there so much drama about it?
12. What forces/situations could species evolve (change over generations)?
13. Of all species that have ever existed, 99.9% are extinct. Cockroaches and sharks, however,
have been around for millions of years. Not only have they not gone extinct, they’ve barely
changed. How do you think have they avoided extinction and major changes over time?
14. Define what you would call a human. (What makes a human, well, human?)
15. Define what you would call a hominid.
16. How long have humans been on earth? (This answer depends on what you said a human
was.) What makes you think that?
17. What evidence do scientist have that modern humans evolved from ape-like primates? Did
humans evolve from monkeys or apes? (Trick culture question…)
18. Has there only been one kind of hominid/human species existing at a time?
19. T/F Dinosaurs and hominids/humans coexisted. Your evidence is….?
20. What is a mass extinction? What causes one?
21. How many major extinctions have there been? What caused them and what died out?
22. Are we going through a mass extinction period now? How are humans involved?
23. If we are going through a mass extinction, describe the future of earth if this continues.
24, How do we know our climate is getting warmer? How would things change for us and the
planet if this warming continues?
25. Do you think humans will continue to evolve? If so, how will we change?