Senior Technical Manager job description

Senior Technical Manager job description
Project related competencies
Solution Development and Delivery
 Provides technical direction for the development, design, and systems integration across
multiple client engagements from definition phase through implementation.
 Applies significant knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve service to
our clients.
 Easily recognises system deficiencies and can implement effective solutions.
 Suggests alternative technical solutions to meet client requirements more efficiently,
and/or with greater reusability, and / or longer life.
Technical Effort Management
 Creates and executes development plans across multiple projects and revises as
appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.
 Keeps project manager well informed of status of development effort and serves as
liaison between development staff and project manager and client across multiple
 Identifies reusable code required for our code library and ensures the high quality
creation of the code.
 Defines, communicates and enforces coding standards.
 Manages multiple technical teams within budget and project schedule.
 Assists in sales efforts from a technical perspective.
 Consistently delivers high-quality services to our clients.
Career path core competencies
Technical Expertise
 Possesses significant knowledge of complex database concepts and ensures project
teams are effectively employing appropriate database design techniques.
 Possesses demonstrated work experience with more than one relational database
management system.
 Understands the benefits of the various programming languages and accurately suggests
the use of the appropriate technology for the application.
 Possesses significant knowledge of OO concepts and ensures they are consistently and
appropriately applied in client engagements.
 Possesses significant knowledge of client/server and Internet systems architectures and
accurately suggests the use of the appropriate technology for the application.
 Understands browser / client specific compatibility issues.
 Serves as key participant in team and client meetings.
 Raises our visibility through involvement in local industry organisations.
 Confronts issues opening and quickly.
 Tactfully communicates sensitive information.
Professionals qualities
 Challenges others to develop as leaders while clarifying roles and responsibilities.
 Pursues excellence in all aspects of business.
 Possesses the expert knowledge to identify opportunities for change and the ability to
convey the need for change.
 Builds expert knowledge in our industry.
Evokes creative and innovative thinking from team members while helping them to bring
their ideas and career plans to fruition.
 Helps to determine new, creative ways to employ teams on projects and distribute
Client Management
 Manages client interaction and expectations for multiple or large-scale development
 Anticipates clients needs and proposes alternative technical solutions.
 Continually seeks and capitalises upon opportunities to increase customer satisfaction
and deepen client relationships.
 Possess a knowledge base of each client's business, systems and objectives.
Organisational responsibilities
Innovator Development
 Participates in all programs relating to performance evaluations and career development
 Mentors technical managers and senior developers through formal and informal
 Assesses training needs and selects training tools for team members.
 Manages the development of project teams by ensuring that project tasks are in line with
each innovator's career interests.
Internal Operations
 Easily recognises areas for internal improvement and develops plans for implementation.
 Lends expertise to internal teams and task forces.
 Reviews the status reports of team members and addresses issues as appropriate.