Proposal Checklist - before submitting - PICES

Proposal Checklist - before submitting
Title – Towards Improved Understanding of Linkages Between Pacific Salmon and Their
Marine Ecosystems
Duration (days) – ½ day
Convenors (and affiliation/contact information) – Co-convenors: Drs. L. Logerwell, USA, and J. Irvine, Canada,
Proponent (convenor who is the point of contact for PICES Secretariat – Libby
Logerwell, FIS Chair
Session/Workshop Description (< 300 words) - Pacific salmon (genus Oncorhynchus) are
an important ecological and economic species complex widely distributed throughout
the North Pacific Ocean. In recent years there have been large, often unanticipated,
fluctuations in abundance and survival that may be climate-change related.
Understanding the causes of variable salmon production will be critical to predicting
future abundance levels and harvest opportunities. This has been a major concern for
the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC), which has responsibility for
scientific research and enforcement for conserving anadromous salmon and steelhead
trout in the North Pacific Ocean. The goals of this PICES-NPAFC joint session are to (1)
report on the influence of ocean conditions (past and probable future) on salmon
distribution and production and (2) suggest collaborative research activities that are
necessary to improve understanding of linkages between Pacific salmon and their
marine ecosystems. This session is intended to bring together researchers in fisheries and
oceanography to improve understanding of the mechanistic linkages between salmon
and their ecosystem. Organizers encourage the submission of papers and posters that
discuss the sources and impacts of marine environmental variability on salmon
distribution and production and also identify future research activities for improving the
ability to forecast salmon production.
Location, date, and host (only if intersessional workshop)
1. Co-sponsoring organizations (and request for convenors) – NPAFC (North Pacific
Anadromous Fish Commission)
2. Names of invited speaker(s) – To be finalised. One salmon specialist and one
oceanographer. Potential speakers include K. Morita, Japan,; M.
Kaeriyama, Japan,; W. Peterson, USA,
3. Publication requirements (paper, special journal issue, PICES scientific report) – TBD