Products Tonalite Spa is a company operating at the forefront in the

Tonalite Spa is a company operating at the forefront in the production and sale of ceramic tiles of
high quality for more than 40 years. Tonalite Spa is continuously involved in researches for
innovation in line with the tradition of the company. Among the twenty collections presented at
Cersaie 2015 is Cerchio – the flagship product of Linea Geometrica – a tridimensional panel without
vanishing lines. Cerchio is a kind of backdrop designed to combine the visual and tactile experience.
Some modifications have been made to the initial rectangular product but the very essence remains the
same with the possibility to choose among various colors and prices, increasing the numbers of
The exploration of shapes. The Tonalite style reminds the Lego brick structure: top creativeness and
maximum expression of fantasy with the same universal and perpetual locking mechanism. From
Provenzale – the classical icon par excellence - the continuous style exercise goes through the
collection with Arabesque (in the Silk and Satin version) which brings up again a shape from the 70s,
losanga provenzale. This shape is a springboard for many compositions up to the Examatt collection
which steers the hexagonal shape with similar dimensions, allowing the combination of materials to
design various options. In addition to each collection, a broad range of special prices and ornaments
are offered: horizontal stripes, fastening stripes and inputs for compositions with a contemporanean
touch, a schematic design and plays of light reflection.
The color blast. 2 options: glossy with matte for a range of colors which gives two opposite tones.
From shiny colors to more natural nuances swerving towards an earth-like tone, all the colors options
have been designed for the international market with special features such as the crackle finish
effect of the Kraklè collection.
Tactile ceramic tiles. Ceramic is a time-less product, born in the hands of craftsmen. Tonalite Spa
wished to leave testimony of this tradition in the final products: ceramics are shaped using modern
technologies to design products reminding handicrafts. The interactions with suppliers and
professionals in this field make different versions and new paths towards innovation possible. The
Tonalite ceramic tiles are not just a product to look at but also to touch. In this sense, the Diamante
collection features chamfered sides in line with the classical Victorian style and Cotto d’arte reminds
the classical ceramic tiles which have distinguished the Made in Italy. With this in mind, Tonalite has
designed Cerchio – the flagship product of Linea Geometrica - a state of the art achievement
reproducing a pure form which almost looks like an architectural installation.
All the collections: Silk, Satin, Arabesque Silk, Arabesque Satin, Linea 40, Kraklè, Examatt,
Exabright, Diamante, Soleil, Provenzale, Coloranda, Cotto d’arte, Mirò, Florence, Fondali, Lux,
Tonalite SpA
Via a. Costa 4/8
40019 Sant’Agata Bolognese (BO)
Ph. + 39 051957253 Fax: +39 051957650
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Public Relations
Ogs srl - Marilena Puppi
Via Koristka, 3
20154 Milano
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