Name: Student Checklist: Historical Fiction Grade Five Historical

Student Checklist: Historical Fiction Grade Five
Historical Fiction is a story set in a specific historical context containing historically accurate details.
The author feeds off the color, issues and action of the time to breathe life into the story.
My Historical Fiction story:
 is set in the past
 is set in a real place or is set in a fictional place that is realistic and matches the time
 has a main character who deals with a problem
 has historical details thoughtfully woven into the story
Genre Elements
 My characters speak, think and have characteristics that
make them easy to visualize
 My characters are believable
 The setting in my story is realistic and has details which
help readers visualize what it looks and feels like
 I’ve weaved factual historical details in places that are a
good fit
 It is easy to identify when in history my piece is set
 You can identify and understand the problem and how it
was solved
 The problem is realistic and is solved in a believable way
 The details of my story match the time period
 My writing sounds exciting
 The reader can identify the feelings in my piece
 I hook the reader in with a strong lead
 The story is easy to follow
 I have written a satisfying conclusion
 I read my paper aloud to myself and it sounded good
 Another person can easily read this story without getting
 My spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct
 I have correctly punctuated the ends of all my sentences
 I have correctly punctuated all the dialogue