Fundraising for Churches

Fundraising for Churches
by Jane Grieve
Charities Aid Foundation
ISBN: 1859340555
9 September 1999
Reviewer: Tim Brawn, Brawn Marketing and Fundraising
This is one book every church leader needs to own and read.Not only does it
contain good sound theory but it is full of practical tips as well.There is
scarcely an area Jane Grieve doesn't seek to address in this very timely
So many churches are embarking on fundraising programmes which are not
well planned or executed that this book will be be eagerly received. Jane
seeks to give fundraising its proper place as a ministry in the church and not
just a dirty job that is a 'necessary evil'.
Sadly Jane cites her own experience of fundraising for an Anglican College too much which is
not directly relevant to church fundraising. For example Jane talks of churches running a
'campaign office' which in my experience is almost unheard of, never mind impractical. This
coupled with a lack of bibliography reduces the impact of the book as an authoratative tome.
The book also lacks an index and instead offers discussion guides at the end of each chapter
which makes the assumption that the book will be read from cover to cover and discussed in
groups. The book would also benefit from a practical guide to running a Capital Appeal with
timetables and procedures.
But despite these criticisms, for anyone beginning in fundraising this book offers lots of helpful
advice and is a very useful introduction to the subject.