Emily Audibert, Miss Connecticut 2012, is a recent college graduate

Emily Audibert, Miss Connecticut 2012, is a recent college graduate from the
University of Hartford. Emily was on both the Deans list and Presidents list her
four years, graduated Magna cum Laude while pursuing a triple major in
Accounting, Economics and Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. Emily was
active in school by being on the Dance Team and holding various roles
in Student Government. Her senior year, she was Executive Vice President and
received several Leadership Awards form the University for her volunteerism and
assistance to the university.
While at school, Emily also worked at a dance studio and was encouraged by her
teacher, Amy Brooks, to consider running in a pageant. Emily won her first local
pageant, Miss Wolcott and then was fortunate enough to win again at Miss
Connecticut in June. Her senor year was jam packed at college including
heading off to Las Vegas to compete in Miss America.
As Miss Connecticut, Emily has traveled around the state supporting various
fundraising organizations but her passion is her personal platform "Let's Move"
which was formed by First Lady Michele Obama to address the rising problem of
childhood obesity. Emily has visited classrooms and assembly halls weekly to
spread the message of living a healthy lifestyle by paying attention to what you
eat and exercising.