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Introduction (example of 2nd-level heading)
The rapid expansion in wide area and local area networking has led to the
establishment of a global internetwork linking millions of systems [1]. Through this
network a limited range of basic network functions are available.
Prevention of Virus Attack (example of a 3rd-level heading)
Viral infection can be prevented by controlling the ingress of viral material into the
controlled environment which represents the company computers.
Such environments can be broad, encompassing the entire company (including
PCs removed by the user for home working), or restricted, covering a minimal range
of PCs in a controlled access and closely supervised area [2].
1.1.1 Physical Access Constraints (example of a 4th-level heading)
The most effective way to prevent viral code spreading is to isolate systems
physically and electronically, then to control the movement of viral code *.
Viral Infection. This is a 5th-level heading, indicated by a line space above with the
heading in normal type, not indented. The text runs on in normal roman type.
1. Mehlhorn K. Data structures and algorithms, vol 1, Sorting and searching.
Springer Berlin Heidelberg New York, 1984
2. de Kleer J. An assumption-based TMS. Artificial Intelligence 1986; 28:127-162
* For further information please refer to page 48
A.1 Definition
Theorem 2.1. Whether a point z is internal to a simple N-gon P can
be determined in O(N) time, without pre-processing.
A.2 Equation
S 
y1 1
y 2 1.
y3 1
A.3 Picture and Caption
A Figure
Figure 1. Caption for a figure.
A.4 Table
Table I. Caption for a table
Column Heading
a table item
Column Heading
a table item
A.5 Program
for i:=0 to 100 do
array[i] := i;
A.6 List
Item 1;
Item 2.