Assignment #2

Computer Networks and Distributed Processing
DUE: 3/30/16
Total points: 40
1. Why does UDP exist? Would it not have been enough to just let user processes send raw IP
4 points
2. The maximum payload of a TCP segment is 65,495 bytes. Why was such a strange number
4 points
3. Convert the IP address whose hexadecimal representation is C22F1582 to dotted decimal
4 points
4. A class B network on the Internet has a subnet mask of What is the
maximum number of hosts per subnet?
5 points
5. Suppose that instead of using 16 bits for the network part of a class B address, 20 bits
had been used. How many class B networks would there have been?
6 points
Most IP datagram reassembly algorithms have a timer to avoid having a lost fragment tie up
reassembly buffers forever. Suppose a datagram is fragmented into four fragments. The first
three fragments arrive, but the last one is destroyed. Eventually the timer goes off and the
three fragments in the receiver’s memory are discarded. A little later, the last fragment
stumbles in. What should be done with it?
4 points
ARP and RARP both map addresses from one space to another. In this respect, they are
similar. However, their implementations are fundamentally different. In what major way do
they differ?
6 points
A TCP machine is sending windows of 65,535 bytes over a 1-Gbps channel that has a
10-msec one-way delay. What is the maximum throughput achievable? What is the line
7 points