Warm-Up – Writer`s Notebook “Sentence Fragments/Run-ons”

Warm-Up – Writer’s Notebook
“Sentence Fragments”
• Sentence Fragment – group of words that is
only part of a sentence, is not a complete
thought, and contains ending punctuation.
They contain no independent clauses.
Fragments are created by the following errors:
A. Missing a SUBJECT, a VERB, and/or a SUB/VERB
B. A DEPENDENT clause ending with a
period/question mark/exclamation point.
How can I repair these fragments?
• Fragment – Waited for the boat.
• Fragment – Zombies of a certain type.
How can I repair these fragments?
• Fragment – Near the school.
• Fragment – While we waited for the zombie.
How can I repair these fragments?
• Although the zombie snored.
How can I repair this writing by
attaching the fragment to a near by
We saw the two girls. Waiting for the bus.
While the zombie attacked. Students ran
screaming into the halls.