Sentence Fragment
Definition: A part of a sentence which does not express a complete thought. The
sentence is missing a subject, a predicate, or both.
Small towns out west and in the south. (missing a predicate)
Abandoned them after the businesses closed. (missing a subject)
Numerous in our country. (missing both)
Ask these two questions as a “quick check” to determine if you have a
1. Does the sentence have BOTH a subject and a verb?
2. Does the sentence express a complete thought?
If you answer “NO” to either question, you have a fragment.
1. After our walk.
2. Whenever you walk into the classroom.
3. The biggest and the best car money can buy.
4. Since it rained for two days.
5. Our new teacher.
6. As the horses neared the gate.
Run-on Sentence
Definition: Consists of two or more sentences written as one sentence and separated
only by a comma OR by no mark of punctuation.
 A small town in rural Kentucky had few operating businesses many people
were out of jobs and were looking for work. (a period should be placed behind
businesses to separate the two sentences.)
 The local government was concerned about unemployment, officials tried to
encourage new businesses to establish themselves in their towns.
1. Judge Stevens is a golf enthusiast he plays golf regularly.
2. You cannot go to the dance tonight it has been cancelled.
3. As I walked down the road I saw a car speeding towards me I felt really
scared and I jumped to the side in a ditch I was mad and hurt and the car
never stopped to see if I was OK I got up and brushed the dirt off of me
and continued my walk when I saw a another car coming towards me…
Why it matters in writing…
Fragments and run-on sentences confuse and frustrate readers. Meaning is often unclear
and readers either lose interest in the piece of writing or misinterpret the message.